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At the beginning of the XIX century and more precisely in the 1825, during the Bourbon dominations, in the so-called Pompeii Valley, not far from Naples, a new tavern called Salvatore Donnarumma's was opened.

It was at the same period of the beginning of the escavations of the ancient roman city of Pompeii. The city buried by Vesuvius eruption in the A.D.79. Salvatore's tavern saw in 1860 the unification of Italy, but above all, the rise of new city of Pompei, towards the end of 1872, thanks to the lawyer, Bartolo Longo.

Bartolo Longo was from Latiano (near Brindisi)  and he had a Christian vocation as well as a strong profetic sense which turned the Pompeii Valley, a marshland, into a real city, a Marian city. In fact, one of the most impressive Marian Sanctuary, consacrated to the Holy Virgin of the Rosary was built. It was in Salvatore's tavern that Bartolo Longo loved to spend his free time, to rest and enjoy Salvatore's cookery. Those moments spent together were the beginning of a new and marvellous friendship. Bartolo Longo gave Salvatore a nickname, "'O Guagliottl". This was a name in Latiano dialect meaning "young boy".

As time went by, Salvatore handed his passion down to his son Roberto, who in the early 1900's rename the tavern "Roberto's Tavern". Roberto managed with love and passion to keep his father's traditions alive even during the two world wars, the end of the fascist dictatorship in Italy, and the fall of the monarchy. In 1946 became a Republic.

Like Salvatore before him, Roberto handed down the family passion to his son Mimì (Domenico), who, following family tradition, renamed the tavern "Mimì's". Through the years history has changed but the passion and the flavours of the cooking have remained immutable since the time of Salvatore.

Today even Mimì as his grandfather and his father, has passed on those ancient family values to his sons: Roberto, Ulisse and Salvatore. They wear with honour, the name given by Bartolo Longo to their great-great grandfather: "'O  Guagliottl".

Roberto,Ulisse and Salvatore continue the old family tradition under the supervision of the energic and illustrious head of the family, their beloved father, Mimì.